Ian Colvin

Member, Business Committee

Ian Colvin is a Researcher at the University of Cambridge, working with the Cambridge School Classics Project. He is Director of the Anglo-Georgian Archaeological Expedition to Nokalakevi in West Georgia — a long-period site that, in the sixth century AD, as Archaeopolis, was one of Justinian’s key fortresses in the kingdom of Lazika. He lectures on the archaeology and history of Georgia, Armenia and Turkey for a number of companies, including Andante Travels, Martin Randall Tours and Steppes Tours, among others (since 2012). He has supervised at Cambridge for the Near East in the Age of Justinian and Muhammad option (2006–12), and was Junior Dean (1999–2001) and a Senior Scholar at Worcester College, Oxford.

He has research interests in late Roman ‘classicizing historians’ and in the emperor Justinian’s wars, and more broadly in the history of the South Caucasus and the eastern frontier. Publications include: ‘Comparing Procopius and Malalas’, in C. Lillington-Martin & E. Turquois (eds), Procopius of Caesarea: Literary and Historical Interpretations (2017), 201–14; ‘Historical Overview of Colchis-Egrisi-Lazika’ (with B. Lortkipanidze and N. Murghulia) in Nokalakevi Tsikhegoji Archaeopolis: Archaeological Excavations 2001–2010 (2014), 1–11; ‘Reporting Battles and Understanding Campaigns in Procopius and Agathias: Classicising Historians’ Use of Archived Documents as Sources’, in A. Sarantis & N. Christie (eds), War and Warfare in Late Antiquity (2013), ii, 571–98; and ‘Lazika’, in The Encyclopedia of Ancient History (2012).