Peter Sarris

Peter Sarris is Reader in Late Roman, Medieval and Byzantine History at the University of Cambridge, where he is a Fellow of Trinity College, and was formerly a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford (1993-2006).

He has published extensively on the social, economic, and legal history of Late Antiquity, with a particular focus on the political economy of the East Roman Empire, the transmission of Roman economic culture in the post-Roman West, and the background to the rise of Islam. His current research focuses on the development of Eurasian trading networks in Late Antiquity.

His publications include Economy and Society in the Age of Justinian (Cambridge, 2006), Empires of Faith: The Fall of Rome to the Rise of Islam (Oxford, 2011), and Byzantium – A Very Short Introduction (Oxford, 2015). Along with David Miller, he is the co-author of The Novels of Justinian: A Completed Annotated English Translation (Cambridge, 2018).