The VCLA Research Webinar

The VCLA’s equivalent of a terrestrial research seminar, the Research Webinar will host either individual speakers or panels on subjects across the spectrum of the field of Late Antiquity.

Monday 23 April, 4:30pm-6pm (UK time): Procopius

Our first webinar is on the sixth-century historian, Procopius. Our panellists will be:

Following the publication of Christopher Lillington-Martin & Elodie Turquois (eds), Procopius of Caesarea: Literary and Historical Interpretations (Routledge, London & New York, 2017) we will be discussing current research problems in the study of Procopius. Topics are expected to include:

  • Procopius’ sources and his methods of working with them;
  • Procopius’ sincerity and what we can believe, following recent very different approaches to his preface;
  • The relevance of his subject matter (should Procopius have focused on other issues that were more representative of his age?) and how useful a source he is;
  • The relationship between Procopius’ works;
  • His greatness as an historian.

To register your interest in the occasion, and to receive further details, please email Dr Alexander Skinner by 5pm (UK time) on Friday 20th April, at