Heritage Strategy

The Virtual Centre for Late Antiquity is working on a programme of 3D archaeological reconstruction, with an initial focus on architectural structures. Our technical team has 3 PhDs with a fruitful balance of expertise. Our first project, now at an advanced stage, focuses on the reconstruction of key structures at Constantinople in the age of Justinian.

Core Project Team

Dr Alexander (‘Sandy’) Skinner, FRSA, specializes in the history of the later Roman Empire. He received his PhD from the University of London (studying at University College), taught extensively at universities in London and Surrey, and briefly at Yale, was later a Lecturer in Roman History at the University of Birmingham, and also an Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University. He is now Executive Director of the Virtual Centre for Late Antiquity.

Sandy has published papers on late Roman history (including in Past and Present and the Journal of Roman Studies), numerous contributions to the Oxford Dictionary of Late Antiquity, and is writing a book on late Roman aristocracies as well as further papers.

Within the Heritage Team, Sandy provides project management, conducts site visits, contributes to other aspects of site research, and contributes to quality assurance of the 3D modelling. He also leads on preparations for the academic presentation and publication of the project.

Dr Rob Barratt specializes in the practical and theoretical aspects of using 3D digital modelling and computational tools as used for archaeological reconstruction, on which he has published a number of learned articles, and in which field he received his PhD from Queen’s University, Belfast.

Rob’s archaeological fieldwork experience ranges from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages, in the UK and overseas. His practical experience of 3D reconstruction, which goes back to 2011, has ranged no less widely. He has worked on university-based projects and on projects based in the heritage sector.

Within the Heritage Team, Rob conducts site research and is responsible for principal 3D modelling of architectural structures. He works in continuous dialogue with other team members to create reconstructions that are fully grounded in academic research and alert to problems of uncertainty.

Dr Anne Hunnell Chen specializes in the art and archaeology of the globally connected late Roman world. She received her PhD from Columbia University, taught widely at Brown and Hofstra universities, and is currently a Postdoctoral Associate at Yale. She has published on Roman, Persian, and Digital Humanities topics, and is currently at work on a book, Tetrarchic Art, Architecture, and Ideology Between East and West (284-325 CE). She also leads the SEEDD Project on the digital documentation of Roman sites in South-East Europe.

Anne has excavated at the Roman Baths in Iesso (Spain) and the Roman imperial palace at Felix Romuliana (Serbia), a UNESCO World Heritage site. As a fellow in the Dept of the Ancient Near East at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, she worked on the international loan exhibition, ‘Assyria to Iberia at the Dawn of the Classical Age’.

Within the Heritage Team, Anne provides specialist advice and quality assurance to support the modelling process.